Hello 2012!

Hey friends!

Prior to the Christmas holiday, I was vacillating between wanting to a) blog regularly during the holiday, and b) just frickin' enjoy Christmas with my family.  As you can obviously tell, I chose option B.  I had a wonderful holiday filled with family, home, snowshoeing, dog, cousins, coffee, friends, and my love.

Then it is back to the ol' grind of work, which is why you have as yet to see a few of the things I whipped up before/during Christmas.  (But, pictures are coming, I promise).

So... it's January, and everyone is making resolutions, or NOT making resolutions, haha.  But many of my fellow bloggers that I have been reading, have been setting goals.  I like this idea.  Plus, I've been thinking of a few things lately, even prior to New Years, that I have been wanting to apply to my life.  So, here goes.

1. Blog at least once a week. -- I have really enjoyed become a small part of this wonderful sewing/blogging community, and I want to keep it up, and keep making better friends with you all.  I may not always have great stuff to blog about, but I want to at least try :)

2. Rise to the Challenge --  I find that in my sewing, when I come to something new and/or unknown, sometimes I totally freeze with terror.  I am getting better, but I want to take a step back, take a deep breath, and continue to learn.  This is partially why I am so excited about this blog!  It gives me a way to connect with other sewists that can give me tips, advice, or just encouragement!

3. Write more letters --  I love getting hand written good ol' fashioned snail mail.  Who doesn't?  There is currently one  person that I write hand-writen letters too, and that is my love's grandma.  She is wonderful :)  But, I got a wonderful present for Christmas from my cousin.  It is a wax seal stamp!  Does that make sense?  The little metal thingy that you stamp into hot wax to seal a letter, it has a pretty scrolled "M" on it!  I want to write more letters :)

4.  Continue to be more healthy --  I have continued to work out fairly often.  I want to make a habit out of this and work out at least 4-5 times a week if not more.  I also want to continue to make healthy eating choices. 

I'm sure there will be more, but for now, I think that is a good start.  So friends, until next time...

Happy New Years!  May God bless you richly this year.

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