Jewelery? Anyone?

Does anyone get really excited when they find sewing related jewelry?  I DO! ~grins~  I found these fantastic little button stud earrings the other day!

I couldn't pass them up, and now I find myself wearing them all the time!!  So glad that I splurged.

So what about you?  Do you have any sewing related jewelry?  How about just pure "hobby" related.  Maybe you're a swimmer... or writer... or an underwater basketweaver.  You know, whatever floats your boat! 

Do tell!!


  1. Yes, I found a necklace with a flower made out of a zipper that was truly unusual. Quite "hobby" related, that is if you are a sewer. But I have seen unusual necklaces made out of fishing tackle, which would be great if you are a fisherman...

  2. Oh! I think I have seen those :) I'm pretty sure I've seen a tutorial for turning a zipper into a flower as well. I'm pretty sure my roommate could whip something up. She's a genius at making flowers out of all sorts of materials :) I never really thought of sewing related jewelry as something to keep my eyes open for until I stumbled upon the button earrings. I can't wait to see what else I can find! Thanks for stopping by!