Who Am I?

Hey there friends!

My name is Montana.  Yes I was born there, No I'm not "from" there.  I claim Portland, Oregon as home, but currently am living in a lovely little town called Walla Walla in Washington state.  I started sewing in high school when I was generously gifted a sewing machine from my grandmother, and bravely decided that I could sew anything I wanted to!  (I mean it's all just math, right?  Right...)

I created a few skirts with success, and even bumbled through a dress or two, none that were very well done though, and put a hold on making clothes in college, where I mainly used my sewing machine to make book bags for myself and my friends.

Nursing school put a major kibosh on any sewing I wanted to do, but in my spare time, I found myself trying to accomplish small projects and relishing in the artistic outlet that sewing provided.  Which is why, when I received my first paycheck *hot damn* I bought myself a brand-spankin'-new sewing machine and never looked back.

I now work as an Emergency Room nurse, and absolutely love my job.  But on any day off, and even some on, you'll find me sewing, planning sewing, dreaming about sewing, blogging about sewing, and all around just obsessing about sewing.  Luckily the wonderful man in my life seems to understand, and encourages me in all things sewing!

So there is me, in a nut-shell.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I'm so glad that I get to reach such a wonderful sewing community through this blog.  Please come back often, and leave comments!  Love me some comments.




  1. The person you are is wonderful and beautiful, inside and out! I am so proud to call you my daughter and honored to be your mom! I LOVE YOU!