Confessions of a Mid-Twenties Sewist

Ok friends,

 I have a small confession to make... (don't judge me please).  I like Gossip Girl.  Yes, the dreadfully juvenile, drama-ridden, fabulously costumed show.  (This does have a sewing point, I promise).  I love so many of the dresses on the show.  Blair often wears some of the most wonderful vintage-y style dresses with fantastic accessories and shoes.   Not to mention Serena!  Her bohemian, messy style makes my little heart drool!  If only I were so leggy.   But, I digress... My favorite character on the show is actually not one of the main ones.  This character is always behind the scenes and yet ends up smack dab in the middle of the drama.  My favorite character is Dorota, Blair's maid.  She is wonderful!  She is always holding Blair together at the seams when things seem to be going wrong.  She also tends to meddle when it is needed!  Most of the time she definitely does not get the credit she deserves, but none-the-less very important.

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So what is the point of this, you ask.  Well the point is... I am also one of those silly girls that insists on naming everything!  I mean honestly, how can you spend so much time with something without giving it a name.  (Plus, then you have someone to swear at when it doesn't turn out right.)  As you may have guessed, I have named something Dorota... my fabulous Serger!  She is a bit older than the rest of the gang.  She was given to me by my Grandmother.  But she is always behind the scenes, holding things together.  She is an old girl, but she purrrrs quite nicely.


But, wait!  There is more!!

What would a serger be without a sewing machine?!

A little more about my personal life.  I mentioned in my very first post that I work nights.  That is because I am a nurse.  Now let me tell you, nursing school is no walk in the park!  So, after I graduated I treated myself with something after getting my first awesome paycheck.  I bought a sewing machine!  I can't even tell you the giddy bubbling in my soul when I walked out of Montavilla Sewing Center in Portland, carrying my first big purchase.


So what is her name you ask?!  Well... (get ready for another story)  Probably one of the greatest experiences of my life was traveling Europe with two of my besties (little shout out to Mathis and Deborah Faye).  While in London, we decided it would be horrific if we didn't take the opportunity to see a show in London's Theater district.  To our extreme delight, they were currently showing Wicked.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Best.  Show.  Ever!!!  Loved it.  Lovedloveloved it!  The music was incredibly inspiring, the costumes were fantastic!  And the actor who played Boq was a Scottish lad with an accent.  Perfect.  Who was my favorite character, you may ask...  Elphaba of course!  She was phenomenal!  She sings a song with the words that "every one deserves a chance to fly"  speaking that every one really deserves the chance to achieve their dreams.  This is why I named my sewing machine Elphaba.  I dream of learning to sew really really well.  To make myself clothes that others drool over!  So here is to my dream!

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What about you?  Do you have names for your sewing machines, or am I the only one?  Please, do share!


Sew Grateful Challenge

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday.  I don't think we take enough time to really thank those around us, or thank God for all of our blessings.  It makes me happy that at least we have a day set aside for that.

Debi, from My Happy Sewing Place issued a challenge earlier this month to sew something from fabric that was gifted to you, or sew a pattern that was given to you.  I jumping on the bus late, but I decided this was a wonderful idea!   

So, in response to Debi's challenge, I have started sewing a Pendrell Blouse (I know I mentioned it in the last post.)  I had grand plans of having it all done and ready to show you for today, but my sewing tends to go a little slower than I plan. 

Here is a sneak peak of what I am working on.  Sorry for the really bad picture!  Cell phone picture while working at night = really bad photo.  I am close to done, but I'm back to work at the moment. 
That being said, I know for all of you I am late in saying this, but right now it is my Thanksgiving!  So Happy Thanksgiving, and thank-you all so so much for taking the time to stop by and read my little ditties!  You are very appreciated!


Dreaming of the Day...

... when I can wear one of these snazzy little numbers!  These are currently on my to-do list.  
The Linda Circle Skirt
BurdaStyle # 8164

When I very first  stumbled upon the online sewing community, I saw a version of the Linda skirt that totally made me drool.  I dreamed of sewing that skirt!  Actually, now that I have become a little more familiar with the bigger blogging names, I found that it was actually Sunni's skirt from A Fashionable Stitch!