Trending and Tops

Hey friends,

Does your life go in trends?  I have totally lost my blogging mojo, but I will say that in it's brief absence I've gotten some good work done!  Lets start from the beginning.  Prior to going on my spring break vacation, I spent not much time sewing and much time getting ready a few posts to go up while I was gone, and then between work for a week, vacation for 10 days, and then work for another week, by the time I was finally home for a stretch I was craving (and I mean serious cravings... like black tie mouse cake when at olive garden cravings) sewing time!  I hadn't actually gotten to sew anything in weeks!!  So I've spent the subsequent two weeks working some more, and sewing!  Glorious, glorious sewing!

So what does this mean for you, my friends?  It means that I am attempting to re-start the blogging trend, and it also means that I have several fun new pieces to photograph and blog about for you!

The first piece that I have managed to get photographed that I want to show you, I lovingly refer to as my "anthro shirt".  I don't know how any of you feel about it, but anthropologie is one of those stores that when I walk into it, I get a rush of wanting to spend way too much money.  So when I get the chance to sew something that I think has the same feel, well, I get a little giddy!

My Anthro Top :)

Pretending like I have wings like the birds...

Sans Sweater

My Man's favorite photo

And without the belt

This is a pendrell blouse pattern with a modified neck shape, shortened waist, and some ease taken out.