So, do you guys embroider? I seem to love all things crafty, but embroidery was always something I snubbed my nose at. I'm not sure why. Maybe I considered it to old fashioned, maybe I had only seen embroidery in designs that I didn't feel were appealing.

My grandmother had lots of embroidered pillows on get couch, and I think I never liked them when I was little because they weren't comfortable for me to curl up with.

Well, I have a lazy day sewing project. (You know, a project that I can pick up and sew on for five minutes every couple of days and its easy to get out and put away.) It's a quilt that I am slowly making squares and just enjoying the process rather than racing trying to get a project done so I have something fun to wear.

I have made a few quilts before and since I am taking my time, I thought it would be nice to try some new things and expand my skills a little.

As I was perusing Lauren from Lladybird's blog I started seeing some embroidery that I loved. I got to thinking that it might be fun to as some embroidery on some of my quilt squares, plus it would be a good excuse to buy some new craft supplies learn something new.

So I started making a sampler. And I'm having so much fun! I never thought I would enjoy embroidery so much! (But then again, I never thought I would enjoy catch-stitching facings or hems, or inserting hand picked zippers either...)

So what about you? Do you enjoy embroidery? Do you have any crafts that you didn't think you liked and then found you secretly enjoy them?

Practice Heart that I embroidered.