The Turquoise Truffle Sorbetto

I'm sure that you are sitting in your chair (or laying on my bed as I do often while checking my blogs) and asking...

"Montana, don't you sew anything other than sorbetto blouses?!"  Truth time.  Yes.  Yes, I do.  BUT, when I'm short on time and need a sewing fix, there is nothing quite as satisfying, especially since I love love love them!  They are so fun to wear.

As you guessed it, here is another one!

I was planning on taking pictures along the way to show you the construction of the tucks.  But I got too excited and forgot.  Oops.  You'll just have to imagine if you will.  I originally wanted to try pin-tucks, but had an idea in my mind that I didn't quite have the fabric for.  So, I settled for just regular old tucks with a much smaller version of the original box pleat in the center.

I wasn't able to tuck in the perfect amount of fabric in order to use up all the fabric alotted for the box pleat, but that just meant that I had my roommate help me with the side seams, which ended up with an awesome fit that I love :)

Another fun adjustment is the back neck.  I have noticed that the back of my sorbetto's tend to gape slightly when my shoulders are not slouched.  Now, this may be a whole different fitting issue in itself like the slope of my shoulders, or an incorrect back width or between the armsyces (armsycies? armscye?  armsceese?!  Really, what is the plural for that???) or something.  I will really have to consult my Fit for Real People, one of these days.  But anyhow.  To quick fix the problem on this top, I just made a quick inverted pleat in the center!  It actually turned out way more adorable than I planned.  And, of course, this gave me just the excuse that I needed to put a fabulous, sparkly, vintage button on the back :)

And I shall name thee, the Turquoise Truffle Sorbetto.  And you shall be mine!


  1. Love your Turquoise Truffle Sorbetto. I have just made my first Sorbetto on the weekend - so it is the basic version. But now you have motivated me to move on and make my own version....

    1. Thank-you! I have been having so much fun with them! I've worn this one several times already, and I have a few others that frequent my daily outfits as well :) Sure hope you're going to show us your sorbetto on your blog! Can't wait to see it! Than you so much for stopping by.

  2. This looks so professional! I want one.

  3. Well thank-you my dear! Maybe we'll just have to make you one ;)