Blah, blah, blah

Yes friends, I may have the ke$ha song in my head, but that is besides the point.  Do you ever feel blah about your sewing?  I hit a spot like that this week with my peony!  It is really weird but it seems like I totally run out of steam when I'm really close to being done!  All I have to do on my peony is hem the sleeves and the bottom!  Goodness, I should just get it over with!

Anywho, I suppose I have been making some progress this week on the Sew Colette Challenge.  I made up my meringue skirt, pictures to follow soon.  I also, in trying to follow the guidelines set before us in the Colette Sewing Handbook, have been trying to a) figure out five articles of clothing that are my favorite, and b) make a croquis.

I haven't been able to chose all five yet, so I figure that I'll make different posts on each article of clothing that I love so that I can tell you a little more about each of them :)
I also used photoshop to figure out how to make a croquis on the computer, although now I just have to actually take a photo and make one.  (I used a random photo to learn how to make the outline).

So, I know this was pretty much a bunch of nothing, but it is at least a little of what you can expect to be heading your way soon.  Thank-you for your patience with me :)

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