The Beginning

Hey there friends!

I live in a small town, where the sewing focuses mainly around quilting (which I enjoy by the way).  But my creative obsession is sewing clothes for myself!  I've slowly (every so slowly) been teaching myself how to do things.  Mainly due to the ginormous help of blogs such as Sewaholic, Gertie's Blog, and many others!  ** Hint ** If you check out my blogroll, you'll find the numerous bits of mind candy that I read faithfully :)

Anywho, the point is... I don't have access to sewing classes, or lots of sewing enthusiasts to show my things to, get help from, glean ideas, share my own, or drool over new ideas with.  I feel like if maybe I had a group of friends (online and in town) to share with, my sewing will probably improve.  I know that my motivation will increase, and hopefully it will be an all around good time!

I have no grandiose ideas that this blog will become huge, money making, or that I'll even post every day!   My day job (or night job rather, I'm a night-shifter) doesn't really allow me to sew regularly.  Not living at home all the time (I commute to a town an hour away, and stay there during work), along with 12-hour shifts make sewing a luxury.  But, hopefully this will be a fun, creative outlet for me, especially when my sewing machine is sitting in walla walla missing me.

I'm hoping to tell you about my sewing adventures, my many mishaps (because there are many), and many of my other crafting hobbies!  (Yes, I also enjoy, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, drawing... ok you name it!)

So, here goes!  Join on my adventure if you would like!  I'd love all the feedback I can get.


  1. I can relate to this for sure. I don't live in a small town but I live in a somewhat boring town. The only sewing classes available are quilting classes and both the fabric stores, Joann's & another local store, carry a huge range of quilting cottons at the expense of quality fashion fabrics, there are no cool sewing related events going on and so I felt that online would be a resource for me as well and I'm glad I discovered it. I have been so inspired and learned so much in the 6months I've been plugged into the online sewing community...Congrats on the blog and Happy Sewing.


  2. Thank-you so much, Amelia! I have also been really enjoying blogging, and have been inspired. It really is kind of frustrating when there isn't much quality fashion fabric around, isn't it. Thank-you so much for stopping by and saying hello! Hope to see you back.