Stuck without my Sewing Machine

Hello friends, 


What is it about old style sewing machines that is so enchanting?  They are so pretty, and inspire such dreams.  Tonight, I'm dreaming about sewing, because I'm stuck away from my sewing machine for a week, and on top of that I forgot to take pictures of my Meringue for the Sew Colette Flickr pool.   Everyone posted their pictures yesterday of their completed skirts, and I forgot so I got left behind. Lame.  I can assure you though, they are headed your way, as soon as I can get my booty back home and have the roommate help me with some photos :)  Plus, my fingers are itching to make some progress on my Minoru jacket.  Tasha has put together so many great posts, and I cannot wait to get started.  I'm also super excited because she had a guest post on how to put in pockets, which I really want to do ~grins~

So, I decided that since I don't have anything concrete to show you, and I'm in desperate need of connecting with my fellow sewing bloggers, I will give you a sneak peek of what fabric I'm making my Minoru Jacket out of!

Kokka Trefle Oxford Cotton Canvas Cherries Red

Premium Broadcloth Solid Emerald

So what do you think?  And what are you working on?  Anyone out there also doing the sew-a-long?  Part of me feels like I'm in over my head, but the other part of me is just really excited to jump in with both feet and get stuff done!

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