Hello friends!

So I posted ages ago that I was going to show you my Meringue skirt that I completed for Sew Colette.  I didn't get around to it until just now, so... oops.  The sewing community is a forgiving one, yes?  Maybe as punishment I will have nightmares about endless tracing patterns, and cutting out fabric, and never getting to sew a stitch!  I would be one miserable little sassafras!

On to better things.  My skirt!  I made it out of some fabulously fuscia corduroy fabric.  I got the fabric from fabric.com and was really just curious because I had never sewn with corduroy before.  It's fun!  One very interesting thing that I noted, was that chalk goes right through all the layers!  I'm sure that could be really annoying sometimes, but for this skirt, it was really great when marking the darts... I marked one and the other was already done!

I made the hem facing out of some fun polka-dot fabric that I had left in my stash from a book bag that I made years ago.  I was excited to put a flash of something fun in there!  The waistband has the same fabric for the facing as well!  I should mention that I used Caitlin's (Design assistant for Coletterie) awesome tutorial for adding a waistband to the Meringue.  

Fun hem facing!

So I have a silly confession.  I had my roommate take these photos (she is so awesome to help me with that!)  And after taking a bunch of different photos, I was scrolling through them later and noticed something a little funny about my purple sweater.  Lets just say *ahem* it is a good thing that I always wear and undershirt beneath this sweater.  I wasn't really thinking about it for the photo shoot, and just threw on the sweater.  These two photos are the only two where you can't glaringly see my white bra.  Ha! Oh dear.  I figured you all didn't want to see better pictures of the lovely scallops on the bottom if it meant that your eyes would be burned by my lady support.

Not my best angle, but hey at least you can see the skirt!
There was one little wonky spot on the skirt that makes me furrow my brow in frustration.  On the inside, right where the waistband and facing meet with skirt, I did something wrong I'm sure, because the zip gets stuck.  there is a little part of the facing that is just close enough to the zip that when you're trying to pull up, the zipper head gets stuck and you have to wrench the waistband apart a little just to get the zipper up all the way.  Annoying enough to take out and fix?  Eh, we'll see... 

If you peek in the bottom left corner you can see some of the fabric that I'm using in my Minoru Jacket.  Yes folks, I finally got started on it!  I'm so so excited to show it to you when it is finished!

What are you working on?  Any interesting new fabrics that you are trying out?  How about the weird waistband and zipper problem?  Anyone else ever dealt with that?

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

P.S.  On the subject of the Sew Colette project;  I've opted to skip February's Pastille.  I'm not sold on the dress, plus, I just put so much time into a fitted bodice with the Peony, which is the learning goal with making the Pastille.  I think I'd rather use my time to make the Minoru Jacket and pick up with Sew Colette in march.


  1. FABULOUS meringue! I just love the lining too!

  2. Thank-you! The lining really makes me smile. I'm all about bright colors and patterns, so it's right up my alley!