Sunday Style Set: Dreaming of Spring

Hey Friends,

I'm going to try something new.  I really need to get better at putting together outfits, so in order to push myself I'm going to try and post a set from Polyvore every Sunday.  Truly, you can ignore brand names etc, I'm just trying to better grasp colors and styles.  I have found a wonderful blog Design Seed, and she says that her inspiration boards can be used on blogs, so I'm using her color schemes and basis for the style set.

Let me know if these are something you enjoy :)

Dreaming of Spring


  1. I love design seeds and never thought about combining those beautiful color schemes with polyvore! I think it's a lovely feature.

    1. Thank-you! I stumbled upon design seeds the other night and was having way too much fun looking through them all! I was marveling at how she pulls such great colors out of the photos and thinking, "gosh, these would be great color scheme ideas for outfits" and you can guess the rest. I still feel so inept sometimes when it comes to styling and finding good 'outfits'. I can sew a single item, but figuring out what to put with it really leaves me in a panic sometimes. Practice makes perfect, yes?