My Closet: Bikes and Top Hats!

Hello friends!

I've been holding out on you.  It's true.  I once upon a time (around November of 2011) made a shirt, that I was so excited about.  And I was reading lots of sewing blogs and thought to myself, "Well, gosh!  Maybe I should start one too, because then I would get to share things like the shirt I just made!! And, maybe people would give me tips and hints, and say lovely things about my creations (because lets be honest, we all love a little praise and love from our fellow sewists!)"

So I started this blog.  I had so much fun getting it started that I totally forgot to blog about the shirt.  It was my very first Sorbetto!  I made it from a cotton fabric that I had gotten in my grandma's enormous stash of fabric!  I actually had to fight over this particular fabric with my dad, and he only relented when I promised that I would make him something out of it as well!  Which, reminds me that I need to still do that.  My dad liked this fabric so much because it has old fashioned bikes on it.  Along with the old bikes, there are men in top hats, and ladies in big dresses; the print really is fabulous.

I've enlarged the photo in hopes that you can get a better look at the print
I have a few things that I wish I would have known before making the shirt, but hindsight is always 20/20, yes?  I didn't bother making a muslin of this shirt because I thought the pattern looked simple enough that I would be able to make any necessary changes to the fashion fabric itself.  It's true, I was able to make all the changes that I wanted, except one.  For some reason, once you've cut out fabric, you can't make it grow longer if the shirt is too short, boo.  It's not necessarily too short, but I don't like my belly skin to flash if I move wrong, and this shirt could use another inch or two, but I've had fun finding things to layer it with.

Other than the length, this garment is wonderful!  I did all french seams, so the inside looks great, and the cotton itself is incredibly soft, heavy, and has a great drape to it.  I probably would have made a skirt out of the fabric instead of a shirt, if I'd had enough yardage.


Do you have any specific item of clothing that inspired you to start your blog?  What blogs do you find that have the most inspiration to keep you blogging and sewing?

On a slightly different note, but seeking feedback please!!  Do you any of you bloggers have any great resources for getting better at photography?  Books, blogs, tutorials?  Please send ideas my way if you have any.  Thanks!

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  1. That fabric is adorable! Please tell me you found it somewhere on line that ships to the USA ;) how cute would that be in a sundress!?

    if you have enough fabric left maybe you could make a thick band hem?

    I don't know any photo tip books or blog posts off the top of my head but some basic tips - shoot in day light near a window (but not right in front of the window, just close enough that you get some nice light). iPhoto on a mac and windows photo preview have basic picture editing features like brightness and saturation. I like taking pics outside or in front of an uncluttered wall. I know the wall pics can get boring but at least you can focus on the garment. another thing, although it's not really a photography tip. i've noticed that when uploading photos on blogger the quality diminishes some. my pics aren't as crisp and the colors aren't as bold. I like uploading pics to flickr and taking the url code from flickr and inserting it into my posts.

    1. Hey Dixie,

      Unfortunately the fabric is vintage, and was part of my Grandma's stash :( I would love to be able to tell you where it is from, or to send you what I have left, but I barely have enough left to make my dad his promised gift :(

      The thick band hem is a great idea though?! I might have to start looking for something that will work.

      Thank-you for the great photography tips! I'm always looking for a way to make my photos more enjoyable. The flickr tip is a good one, I'll have to try that :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I am finally catching up on my blog reading!
    Elsie at A beautiful Mess has been doing a lovely series on photography and fashion tips.

    1. Ah, thank-you Mindy! Her blog is great! She has some wonderful tips.