Slippery Solution!

Hello dear readers!

Several months ago I bought a seam allowance cutting guide that is pure genius.  It was invented by a fellow seamstress named Hollie (who I believe lives in Australia)!

She sent me an email this week with another genius idea.  So genius in fact that I e-mailed and begged her to please allow me to share the idea on my blog.  She generously said yes!  So without much further ado...  here is here idea.  And please, click here to visit her website and check out the seam allowance guide!


If you're like me you have a massive stash of gorgeous Chiffon fabrics but no confidence cutting them out.
They wiggle and shift and the result is nothing like the pattern piece. I have wasted way too much money on chiffon projects that never turn out.

I'm a rock climber and when we climb we have little chalk balls to stop our hands from getting sweaty.
You can grab these quite cheaply from any outdoor adventure store or a good gym.
Chalk Ball
This trick will work for any fabric really as long as it isn't white.

Step 1.
Layout your slippery fabric on a large table as straight as you possibly can.

Place your pattern piece on top and then just use a couple of weights to hold it in place. Tuna cans, cups, anything will do. You will only need a couple for each piece.

Dab your chalk ball all the way around the pattern piece while holding the edges down.
This is so fast compared to pinning your pattern down. It will take just seconds.

Step 4.
Remove the patterns and you can see a perfect outline of your pattern. Even if you shift or wiggle the fabric while you are cutting the exact imprint will stay the same.
Cut and you will have a perfect replica of your pattern.


Any chalk remnants will have brushed off by the time you've finished your sewing. 
(For the pictures I used a silk fabric to make it more visible.)

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