The Retro Sorbetto

Well, friends... better late than never, right?!

Several days ago I posted about the Sew Grateful Challenge.  I showed you a picture of what I was working on, and told you that I would show you the finished project soon.

*Confession*  I still haven't finished that project.  I started messing with the design, and I am perfectionist enough to want no top-stitching on the outside of this fabric, thus sewing all the seam bindings on the neck and arms down by hand.  Plus, the fabric is slippery and hard to work with... but enough whining and excuse-making.

So what is the silver lining you may ask?!  Well... I made a different shirt!  Following the same guidelines for the Sew Grateful Challenge; to use either fabric, or a pattern that had been gifted to me to make a garment.

Are you ready for the small details that make me giddy? (I'm sitting in my chair, giggling with mischievous anticipation)

The fabric was gifted to me by my grandmother.  I am not quite sure how old it is, but I really wouldn't bat an eyelash at guessing that it is older than I am.

I'm pretty sure it is some sort of cotton...
The thread I used was from my grandmother's stash that was given to me when she passed away.

The bias tape was gifted to me in my grandmother's stash as well... I have so many different colors of bias tape and rick-rack!  Again, all possibly older than I am.

The buttons!  Oh, the buttons...  They are just fantastic aren't they!  They were also gifted to me in my grandmother's rather sizable button collection that I really need to go through, organize, color code and find a way to store.

So, not only was absolutely everything I used gifted, but every thing I used was also retro... get it?!
Yeah, ok... I'm a dork sometimes.  But a charming one, I hope!

And now, for a few glances at the final project.  I hope you enjoy!  Thanks for stopping by.  And I would love comments of encouragement, or helpful fitting tips, or anything really.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

happy face :)

serious face.
 p.s.  I used Mena's pattern for adding sleeves to the Sorbetto.  She gave us the pattern with her 7 Days of Sorbetto Challenge that she featured on the Sew Weekly.  You can find that pattern here.


  1. It has a great texture, too! Those lines are slightly raised, giving it a really classy retro feel. Nice work!

  2. Kevin! Thanks for reminding me about that. I forgot to mention that the texture is divine! So much fun to wear :)