Confessions of a newly-married, newly-moved, new-careered, sewaholic

Alright lovelies.

Time for some bold-faced honesty...

Have you heard that little truth about getting married, wanting to snuggle down in your new nest with your new love-bird, and eat yummy things; spending all your time oogling googly eyes at each other... and getting chubby.  Yeah.  It's wonderful.  And it sucks.  So, I haven't gotten fat, but I've definitely padded some areas a little more than I would like and it kills my drive to sew.  Why would I want to spend so much time and energy, lovingly fitting, professionally finishing, and meticulously sewing a form fitting dress for a body that I'm not proud of.  Super lame.

So, I've been avoiding sewing.  And I've missed it so much!!  A few things have fired my obsession for sewing again.  One, I discovered Bloglovin' in lieu of Google Reader shutting down.  This lovely blog following format allowed me to totally indulge forced me to catch up on blogs that I hadn't read in a while.  This made me so uber jealous that I wasn't sewing beautiful things for myself that I immediately went to my pattern stash and fabric stash and said, "to hell with this feeling chubby business!"  And made a skirt.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new skirt.  I have a second version on my cutting table at the moment. 

I was wearing the skirt, and my sister-in-law took some photos, and I thought to myself... not too bad :)  But I would love to look better.  I suppose that sewing awesome clothes for myself is a decent incentive for getting in shape.  So again, I'm on the war path.  I'm warring against my adipose cells.  Healthy food, gym time, lots of water.  We'll see how it goes.  Good thoughts, prayers, and encouraging words accepted.

As for this blog.  I love blogging.  It makes me feel as though I can connect with sewing friends in a way that I'm not able to do in my face-to-face, everyday life.  I also a little bit of an 'excitable follower'.  I suppose what I mean by this is, I read this fantastic blogs like Sewaholic, Lladybird, and Oonaballoona, and I want to blog as well and as prolifically as they do!  I get swept up in the awesomeness of posting, and comments, and wanting to be a well-known name in the sew blogging community.  But I can't do that.  A) I'm not that great of a writer.  B) I don't really have a whole lot of time to do it.  C) I have an awesome husband to spend time with...

So.... I am promising myself a few things.  I promise to try and post on here enough to keep in touch with people, and share my makes.  I also promise to spend more time actually enjoying sewing things, exercising, and spending my time with my hubs and my friends than I do trying to turn this little area in to a well-traveled, interweb, metropolis.

So there it is.

I'll try and be back soon :)  I'll show you what I'm trying to make.  I've missed you all.



  1. Super fun skirt! Just post when you can, we all understand, and don't let the war-path rule your life - just keep it all in perspective and have fun!!!

    1. Thanks Judith! I am really enjoying getting back into sewing :) As for the exercise, it's amazing how just the right amount makes you feel so energized :)

  2. Welcome back & cute skirt!

  3. A) Cute Skirt B) You have NOT added adipose cells! You look amazing! C) You are a fantastic writer! D) Let's workout! :) E) I love & miss you! :) <3 Amy R