Because I Truly Feel It is Important

Hey friends.

I am going to break from my usual sewing hype to post something that I feel is important.  Some may be critics and say this is not appropriate to share on my 'sewing' blog, but I figure, this is my personal blog that I chose to focus mainly on sewing; and today I am choosing to share something that I feel is important.

This video was put out by Invisible Children, an incorporation that I have been following and supporting for quite a few years now.  They started as a couple of kids that went to Uganda, saw the child soldiers and decided they could do something to stop it.  This idea is huge, and everyone can help.    This year, 2012, they are really trying to push a huge change.  I know that I have some readers in the US, and I also know i have some readers in the UK.  This applies to everyone, so please, if you feel impressed, watch the video and just see what you think.  If you are not interested in watching, that is fine. I hope I won't lose some friends through posting this, but I feel it is definitely worth that risk.

The video is about 25 minutes long, but worth the watch.  Thank-you all for understanding and I hope that this video moves you to at least think about the world around you and how you can make a difference, no matter how small.


*Update 3.7.12*
I want to state, that by posting this video, I'm not asking or suggesting that you donate money to this cause, that is a very personal decision.  I feel they are bringing the story of Ugandan children to light when a lot of people were unaware of what was going on.  But I also feel that they are taking a very simplistic view.  I'm reading more and more about it, from sources other than Invisible Children; I just felt that this was a good starting place if anyone was interested.


  1. I don't have time to watch the video this morning, but I will come back and check it out. Things like this really pull at my heart strings and I start to feel my heart break for these children.

    1. Yeah, videos like this can be so tough, but I also feel that it is good to continue to push myself out of my comfort zone and remind myself that I can make a difference; not everyone has it so good.